“Born From Fire” OUT NOW!

Today we proudly present to you: The culmination of 2 years of our hard work and passion for music!
BORN FROM FIRE is OUT NOW and available everywhere, worldwide. Go Grab your copy at either your local store or online and stream it on your favourite streaming service: https://induction.afr.link/bornfromfireFB

We are also premiering the music video for “Embers”, taken from “Born From Fire” today at 3PM CET. Tune in and experience it with us live in the chat: https://youtu.be/w4UqozmoB1Y

1. Born from Fire
2. Scorched
3. Fallen Angel
4. Go to Hell
5. Embers
6. Order & Chaos
7. The Beauty of Monstrance
8. Queen of Light
9. I Am Alive
10. Ghost of Silence
11. Eternal Silence
12. Sacrifice

Picture by the one and only Franz Schepers